Arbitration Expert Witness

Not a single business entity wants to find itself in an arbitration court, but should such an unfortunate situation arise do you have an objective and unbiased third party expert whom you can seek advice from? It is unreasonable to expect a legal team to also be digital marketing experts capable of interpreting contractual deliverables of online marketing campaigns versus any perception of deliverables or worse. Let us assist your legal team in interpreting agency or vendor SOW deliverables so that they can include our PPOV input with their evaluation of whether or not to proceed with any legal actions or into arbitration. Just like in any other industry or practice it is important to have a subject matter expert on your side who is also experienced in legal matters that are relevant to your business success. Hopefully your organization never needs it, but if it does, we can help.

SOW Evaluation

We can help you interpret and structure agreements with 3rd parties and marketing vendors to ensure protection of your business interests, marketing objectives, and financial investments.

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Customer CRO/DR

Firms that have run marketing campaigns for a while after scaling marketing efforts evolve their focus onto optimization of conversion rates across all utilized marketing channels, which in reality is the ultimate way to maximize the return on marketing investment.

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Talent Training & Staffing

We have successfully trained numerous in-house marketing teams and acquired stellar resources for execution of digital marketing strategies for organizations throughout the globe.

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