Sponsored Paid Search (PPC/SEM)

Instead of calling it pay-per-click or sponsored search let’s simply call it what it really is, a “pay-per-play” marketing. Nothing fancy, but exactly what it is. All leads are not created equal, but each channel lifts performance of another as that is the nature of online marketing nowadays.

To ensure optimal performance and maximum output from sponsored search the entire marketing channel of pay-per-play can be segmented into four separate categories that require individual focus, budget planning, and resources.

1) Sponsored Search – This form of advertising, including “search remarketing” is exclusively executed using keyword-targeted ads. Within many verticals this is the first form of discovery and engagement with your prospect buyers, in some verticals it’s branding, in other verticals it is an opportunity to cross sell and build a bridge. For most brands it is one of the most reliable and consistent ROI positive channels, if executed properly.

2) Sponsored Display – This form of advertising, including “display remarketing” is a very powerful form of advertising done exclusively through visual/display banner ads. A picture is truly worth a thousand words, but a picture with few words and an enticing CTA can yield a million dollars. Visual display advertising tools offer great brand awareness marketing strategy opportunities and provide many other benefits if executed strategically.

3) Video Advertising – Undoubtably the most underused and probably the most powerful tool of online marketing, YouTube. YouTube is World’s 2nd most popular search engine with virtually any question answered in a video form suited practically for any demographic or interest group. Short and Long form videos can power e-commerce, lead-gen, informational sources with great precision targeting and excellent reporting capabilities.

4) Affiliate Marketing – Let’s face it since goals can be negotiated with Affiliates based on Cost-Per-Acquisition or Cost-Per-Lead or in some cases even Cost-Per-Conversion bases than it is also a pay-per-play marketing strategy with the main advantage being where is that third party assumes the front cost of advertising. Every SEM/PPC channel has a CPL/CPA and affiliate marketing is just like it. In many verticals affiliate marketing is key to generate traffic, leads, revenue, and product or brand awareness. Affiliate marketing requires very careful management and dedication, but with strong leadership can be an extremely powerful revenue stream for almost any organization especially those that deal with their customers online. Most business are now included in this category.

We advise on how to avoid unnecessary mistakes, assist in oversight of reaching optimal performance and outcomes, and interject innovative and proven strategies that stretch each invested dollar amount to its maximum return on investment.

When we partner with organizations who are building, scaling, and optimizing multitude of pay-per-play marketing campaigns we repeatedly notice similar shortcomings most make as they invest into these lucrative yet highly competitive marketing channels.


The amazing part of search engine optimization is that using exclusively white-hat strategies, a proper know-how, and right set of SEO tools any domain can outrank any other domain for any desired keyword phrase in search results.

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