Service Industry Strategy

Because prospects continue to have a shorter attention span “at discovery” an ultimate marketing strategy would advocate and fit the benefits of your service within three to five seconds. Not an easy task by any stretch of the imagination. However, we believe that while this task isn’t easy it is certainly not impossible, if there is a right view angle and fresh perspective. We audit and build precisely such plans for global and national brands alike and can help you too.

Comprising and evolving from the core of the “Why” of your services, we consult on elevating the outcome of your marketing strategies.

Decision makers and influencers alike want to connect with your “WHY”. It is precisely finding THAT needle in a haystack of clutter of alternative options that they are seeking. Marketing message that focuses on the “WHAT” or the “HOW” neglects to address genuine customer needs. Does your marketing strategy need an evaluation or does it need an enhancement?

Budget Planning

We aid global and national brands in simplifying answers to marketing budgetary planning and P&L projection questions. After discovering your pain points we strategically assist in the development of action plans and marketing strategies that avoid unnecessary spending.

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Online Strategy

The bottom line of any online marketing strategy is its ROI after successful execution. Expertise that we provide to our clients is focused on optimization of their paid and earned media marketing practices including a development and refinement of multi-persona buyer funnels.

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The amazing part of search engine optimization is that using exclusively white-hat strategies, a proper know-how, and right set of SEO tools any domain can outrank any other domain for any desired keyword phrase in search results.

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